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D series – double wall BPHE

Double stacked plates to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination


Underfloor heating, gas boiler, solar domestic hot water systems, domestic and drinking water heating systems, heat pump, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, lubricating oil cooling, etc.

K series – Industry standard BPHE

The most complete range of sizes for various applications.


Air conditioning, heat pump, waste heat recovery, boilers, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, laser cutting, welding machines, etc.

K-S series  – Extra strength BPHE

It can work as a condenser and holds 45 BAR.


Air conditioning, heat pump, oil cooler, etc.

R series  – High Heat Transfer Performance


Specially designed for R410A; the heat transfer efficiency is 10% higher than in K series. Very suitable for applications where pressure drop is not the main problem.


Air conditioning, heat pump, etc.

Z series  – Large Diagonal Flow BPHE

The advantage of the dual circuit in Z series is that provides better performance under both full load and medium load conditions. The Z-series single circuit is specially designed for high-volume and high-efficiency heat transfer requirements.


Air conditioning, heat pump, waste heat recovery, laser cutting, welding machines, etc.

C series  – Super High Pressure BPHE

The C Series achieves a burst pressure of 650 Bar and more than 100,000 cycles.


Air conditioning, heat pump, etc.

E/F series  – Low Pressure BPHE

The E series has a flat plate design. And the F series has a particularly economical design.


Semiconductor cooling, boilers, etc.

H series  – High Temperature BPHE

The H series is made of a material which is resistant to high temperatures; the maximum working temperature is 900 ° C, which makes it perfectly suitable to use as gas heating and waste heat recovery.


Heat recovery, food processing, etc.

M series  – Corrosion Resistance BPHE

The M series is specially designed for high chlorine content applications; It is made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.


Heat pump, swimming pools, etc.

I series  – Impact Resistant BPHE

I series is suitable for applications susceptible to thermal or pressure shocks.


Chillers, gearboxes, food processing, boilers, etc.

A series  – Air Dryer BPHE

The A series has an innovative design for air dryers. It combines precooler, evaporator and separator, and offers a compact size and high performance for heat transfer.


Air dryers

Q series  – Oil Cooler BPHE

The Q Series sets a higher cooling performance and significantly reduces the inactive lapse time.


Gearboxes, laser welding and laser cutting machines, presses, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, etc.