RC Clima Cerezo_Condensadores

Condenser coils are part of a refrigeration circuit and allow the thermal exchange between two fluids, in this case, air and cooling gas. Unlike evaporators, condensers have a manifold at the entry.

We can find them in many facilities such as thermal control in Clean Rooms, industrial air conditioning, Data Centers, swimming pools or drying processes.

RC Clima Cerezo condensers are custom-made, adapting its design to the equipment needs and, therefore, being an ideal option for new projects, as well as for replacements. Our condensers are usually built in two configurations: the 325, with a geometry of 25 x 21.65 mm. and copper tubes of 3/8″, and the 538, with a geometry of 38 x 34 mm. and copper tubes of 5/8″. The type of materials and their thickness are chosen according to the working conditions and according to the requirements of each client and project.

In addition, we have an advanced selection software that allows us to make thermodynamic calculations according to the specific working conditions that the project requires. Thanks to this calculation software and to our extensive experience, we can optimize performance, quality and price.

Concerning the Aftersales services, we offer transport solutions which will perfectly fit in with your needs: land, sea, air, door to door and urgent deliveries.

RC Clima Cerezo products are covered by a 2 years warranty.