Módulos de climatización RC Clima Cerezo

HVAC sets, normally, do not have fans and are specialized in filtering and treating the air in rooms and buildings. The air conditioning modules allow to heat and to cool the air, recovering the heat and maintaining certain parameters of humidity. HVAC sets are used for treating the air in commercial and industrial premises. Some examples would be Clean Rooms, pharmaceutical industries or laboratories…

RC Clima Cerezo’s Technical Department carries out a detailed analysis of your needs and selects the casing, the type of heat exchanger, the construction materials and other components such as fans, filters, droplet separators, condensate trays, etc., based on your project.

A part from the substantial experience of our team, our thermodynamic analyses are based on an advanced selection software that allows us to simulate heat exchangers performance under the required working conditions. Thanks to this calculation programme and to our extensive experience, we can optimise performance, quality and price.

As well as we produce custom-made heat exchanger coils, RC Clima Cerezo also adapts modules to simplify its use in all facilities.


Concerning the Aftersales services, we offer transport solutions which will perfectly fit in with your needs: land, sea, air, door to door and urgent deliveries.

RC Clima Cerezo products are covered by a 2 years warranty.