Legal notice


General information

This Legal Notice sets out the conditions of use for the website which the company RC Clima Cerezo S.L. (hereinafter RC Clima Cerezo), with registered offices at P.I. Gaserans  C/ Ter 6A, 17451 Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, Girona (Spain), tax ID Code no. B55366835, and Registered in the Barcelona Trade Register, Volume 3276, Sheet 193, Page GI-66931, Entry 1, makes available to Internet users.



Accessing the website implies status as a user and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice.

The content of this Legal Notice may be modified and as such, the user’s acceptance will be with respect to the version of the Legal Notice published by RC Clima Cerezo at the time the user accesses the website.

The use of certain services provided via the website may be subject to specific conditions which replace, complement or modify this Legal Notice, as applicable. Access to these services implies the acceptance of the corresponding specific conditions. As such, the user must carefully read the specific service conditions each time they access the service.

Access to the website is also subject to all the notices, conditions of use and instructions provided for the user by RC Clima Cerezo which replace, complement or modify this Legal Notice.


Signing up to services

In general, access to the tools on the website does not require the user to sign up or register. However, access to some of the services provided via the website may be conditional on completing the registration form. In this case, the user guarantees that all information communicated when completing the registration form(s) is genuine and truthful. The user agrees to keep any information that is provided up-to-date at all times and accepts responsibility for doing so.


Conditions of use

The user undertakes to use the tools and services provided by RC Clima Cerezo via its website in line with the law, this Legal Notice, the specific conditions published for certain services and other notices and instructions communicated to the user, as well as generally accepted good morals and standards and principles of public order.

The rights to use the intellectual property constituted by the content of the website (including source code) are held by RC Clima Cerezo, and as such may not be used other than as necessary for accessing the tools and services supplied via this website, except where express authorisation has been provided by RC Clima Cerezo.

All trademarks and logos that appear on the pages are owned by the respective owners, manufacturers, wholesalers or legal representatives in Spain and are used for the sole purpose of promoting their respective products.

The user agrees not to reproduce, copy, distribute, publicly broadcast, transform or modify the content of the website, including brands, trade names and distinctive signs unless they have authorisation from the holder of the rights.

The user must not obtain or attempt to obtain the content using mechanisms other than those that, where applicable, have been provided or, in general, are normally used on the Internet, provided the latter do not carry a risk of damaging or rendering the website and its content unusable.


Availability and accessibility of the website

RC Clima Cerezo accepts no responsibility for damage derived from using the website or any act carried out based on the information provided via the website.

RC Clima Cerezo accepts no responsibility for any security errors or disconnections that may arise or any damage that may be caused to the user’s computer system (“hardware” and “software”) and files or documents stored on it as a result of the presence of a virus on the computer used by the user to connect to the services and content of the website, or from incorrect operation of the web browser or the use of versions that are not up-to-date.


Responsibility for links and hyperlinks

To help the user find additional information or services that may be of interest, the website may provide direct links that redirect them to other Internet websites. The target websites have not been checked by RC Clima Cerezo and are maintained by third parties over which RC Clima Cerezo exercises no control.

Access to these websites by users does not imply that RC Clima Cerezo recommends or approves of their content. RC Clima Cerezo expressly renounces any responsibility for the operation of these links, their content, the accuracy of information, the quality of any product or service offered or advertised and any results obtained from them, in addition to any damages suffered by the user as a result of information contained on target websites.



RC Clima Cerezo does not approve of the practice of “spamming”. The term refers to the large-scale and repeated sending of unsolicited email, normally of a commercial nature, to individuals with whom the senders have not made previous contact or who have expressed their desire not to receive such messages.

If RC Clima Cerezo believes certain information may be of use to the user, it reserves the right to send this information by email, subject to the consent of the user and always providing an option to opt out from the service.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is governed by and interpreted in line with the laws of Spain.

Any conflict, claim or dispute regarding the interpretation, execution and expiry of this Legal Notice is subject to the Courts of the city of Girona.