Comprehensive design and development at our facilities

1. Pipe plate

2. Construction of electrical panels

3. Terminal programming

4. Equipment assembly

1. Sheet metal punching

2. Tube cutting

3. Fin manufacturing

Expansionadora rc clima cerezo HVAC

4. Expanding

5. Manifold welding

Lloyd’s Register Group Certified Operators

soldadura rc clima cerezo montaje intercambiadores baterías

6. Assembly

Lloyd’s Register Group Certified Operators

7. Tightness test

8. Paint and finishes

Blygold anticorrosive treatment

9. Paint and finishes


Blygold anticorrosive treatment

10. Paint and finishes

Aqua Aero

Heresite anticorrosion coating

11. Paint and finishes


12. Paint and finishes


RC Clima Cerezo is a flexible and quick manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, heat exchangers and all you need in HVAC, that combines standard products with tailor-made products.

Our Technical Department makes custom designs,

covering the specific needs of each client.

Delivery Times : 2 weeks

Our production system allows us to offer a

delivery time of 2 weeks.