Manufacture of PCA inverter machines for aircraft (and their laboratory tests)



-Build a prototype PCA inverter for testing.

-Build a climate laboratory for PCA inverter tests, cold and heat pump (up to -6 ° C).

-Enable the necessary means of production and launch the quality process required for mass production.

-Manufacture serial inverter PCAs according to the high-quality requirements of the customer and the end user.



The production department and the technical office of RC Clima managed to carry out tests and tests in the climatic laboratory, parameterizing and functionally adjusting the refrigeration circuit, the control circuit and the software, the aerodynamic circuit and the mechanical and structural resistance of machine. The tests were a success in the case of the prototype, and in the case of all the machines in the series.



With this solution, RC Clima becomes a strategic actor in the air conditioning of airplanes and in that of airport and port gateways of embarkation and disembarkation. The inverter solution, with the ability to work in extreme temperatures (in negative and positive) is presented as ideal.