RC Clima Cerezo_Tubo Aleteado Vapor

Exchanger coils with helicoidal fins are mainly used when coils work with steam, overheated water, high temperatures, high pressures, etc.

The finned tube exchangers for steam are manufactured in different materials such as steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Its design, with 1.74 mm. tubes thickness and helicoidal fins around them, gives great sturdiness and resistance, ideal for applications with high pressure, high temperature, overheated water, steam or thermal fluids.

RC Clima Cerezo finned tubes steam heat exchangers are custom-made and adapt its design to the equipment needs, being an ideal option for new projects, as well as for replacements. If you work with plastic extrusion, laundries, bakeries or any other industrial process involving air or water treatment, we encourage you to contact us. Our Technical Department carries out detailed analysis of every project, offering the optimal solution according to your needs.

In addition, we have an advanced selection software that allows us to make thermodynamic calculations according to the specific working conditions that the project requires. Thanks to this calculation software and to our extensive experience, we can optimize performance, quality and price.

Concerning the Aftersales services, we offer transport solutions which will perfectly fit in with your needs: land, sea, air, door to door and urgent deliveries.

RC Clima Cerezo products are covered by a 2 years warranty