Rooftops i-BCN

Continuous manufacture of Rooftop Inverter units for application in Data Centers.

Horizontal i-PAR

Manufacture of autonomous horizontal inverter units for leading distribution companies.


Manufacture of Air Conditioning Units for Geneva Airport

intercambiador de calor para central nuclear

Heat exchangers for nuclear power plants

Progressive renovation of the heat exchangers of different reactors of several French nuclear power plants (Golfech, Penly, Belleville, Flamanville, Cattenom …); certificates of materials, calibrations, quality controls of all kinds, follow-up documents …

RC Clima Cerezo intercambiadores de calor

Exchangers for thermoelectric plants

Continuous manufacture of large exchangers (10 m, approx.); complete quality dossiers.

Caso de éxito de RC Clima Cerezo Aircoolers en Chile

Aircoolers for thermal power plant (LATAM success story)

Manufacture of 56 large Aircoolers for a diesel thermal power plant in Chile, Atacama Desert (installed power of 46.8 Mw).

Other success stories

Caso de éxito de RC Clima Cerezo Aircoolers en Chile
RC Clima Cerezo is a flexible and quick manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, heat exchangers and all you need in HVAC, that combines standard products with tailor-made products.

Our Technical Department makes custom designs,

covering the specific needs of each client.

calendario plazo de entrega rc clima
Delivery time: 2 weeks

Our production system allows us to offer a

delivery time of 2 weeks.